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High quality pneumatics from Germany to match your industrial needs to minimize lifetime cost of operation over long run. A continuous range of new solutions and wider applications to customers while establishing one patent every month on average. Manufacturing plants are highly automated to produce very high quality and enable coordinated production. Success due to strategic customer focused values.

Automation and Drives from Siemens, Germany to automate your needs and to safeguard your system efficiencies. We design customized solutions to match your exact needs and our expertise in this area shall exceed your expectations. An excellent technical team awaits your requirement to fulfill it with innovative and reliable technology.

Pepperl & Fuchs
Sensor technology from Germany to sense in your industrial environment and to make the difference in reliability, technology and service. In a world where reliability counts Pepperl & Fuschs adds the value.Your industrial processes can run safer and better with sensing from Pepperl & Fuschs.

High quality Pneumatics from France. Mainly focused to all kind of fittings( Including Stainless Steel, Brass & etc. ) & Tubing for all environmental applications.

Compressor from Germany with researched and patented screw profile to gain unsurpassed efficiencies world over. Huge long run savings due to the high efficiency in comparison with the normal compressor system. Once again, reliable technology that will convince you that high quality costs less in the long run.

High quality, accurate and cost effective industrial printers from France and USA, that will enable to integrate in all manufacturing environments to reach the customers attention with sharp & clear coding solutions.

Affordable and reliable technology from India to satisfy your CNC needs

Connectors to reliably connect your wiring requirements

Solar inverters from SMA from Germany with the highest efficiencies yet achieved for solar inverters. Grid connected and off grid inverters that can safely supply your power requirement whether they be back up power or constant load requirements. Robust and innovative products range offered from SMA.

IBC Solar
IBC Solar is a Germany based photovoltaics specialist, offering solutions for sunlight-generated power. The company, established in 1982, offers tailored solutions, project management, consultation and planning of the photovoltaic installation.

Tea factory automations
Pioneered and patented tea factory automation systems including pneumatic solutions for better tea rolling. These solutions can produce higher quality and quantity. Automated solutions for withering, tea rolling, conveying and drying

Solar & photovoltaic solutions
Nikini has its own Solar Photovoltaic installation of 25 Kilo-Watts for its Green Building office premises. This is built as a showcase project to display the potential of solar power in Sri-Lanka, the most available renewable energy source in Sri-Lanka.

IT Solutions
Nikini's expert IT team could provide you with software solutions to match your industrial needs for communication, data logging and small scale SCADA applications.

Customized solutions
Nikini's team could look carefully at your requirement, analyze it and then present you with the necessary solutions to overcome difficulties or to innovate solutions provided they are directly or at least indirectly connected with our offerings to the industry.

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